We’ve got legs (and how to dress them up right)! Tights and socks for your wedding style

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I was pinning some cute stockings/heels combinations onto the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account the other day when at the same time reader Karina was writing us asking to see more tights. It was serendipitous. Ariel started pinning more, I started pinning more… and the tights round-up was born!

We're no strangers to tights and socks as wedding fashion, but not all in one place!

Emily and her lady crew owned the outfits, including their animal print and neon-colored tights.

Mandatory close-up of Emily's gams! Even Kyle rocked the socks with his kilt.

snow groomer!
Slightly more demure, but no less fancy, was this purple paisley pair at Erin and Heidi's wedding.


This was where I was originally drawn into this theme. Socks + vintage heels = so right. Not only that, but you're saving your tootsies some pain too.

I am kind of in love with this innocent white with the tongue-in-cheek image. It's totally hidden with a long dress if you're not ready for wild and woolly leg fashion.

A lot of Offbeat Brides already sport some ink, but if you're looking to fake it out, these tat sleeve-style tights would be perfect.

TattooSocks on Etsy has a shit-load of amazing printed tights. Like these forest symphony tights, peacock feather tights, and octopus tights.

Bridesmaids in mixed-patterned tights rocks. The jackets are no chopped liver either.

This pair kind of blew up on Pinterest. I mean, what's more appropriate than “love,” right? I'd love to see these in a sexy thigh-high version.

Between Lisa's hair and dress, it's hard to even notice the striped tights, but they are most definitely there, and the outfit wouldn't be the same without them.

Rocket dogs and colorful tights!
Jamie and Mengmeng rocked custom Rocket Dogs, but the red and white-striped tights made the outfit. Plus, red was huge in their theme. Win.

mercury hall wedding
But the best tights of all were found on none other than a dude in this superhero wedding surprise. You know you love it.

Check out our archives on tights, socks, and undergarments for MOAR inspiration! Anyone planning to rock some socks on their wedding day? Let us know in the comments AND on Pinterest (@OffbeatBride)!

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Comments on We’ve got legs (and how to dress them up right)! Tights and socks for your wedding style

  1. Loved all of these and I didn’t even know I liked tights! Now I want to buy some!

  2. Getting myself and all my bridesmaid various colored stripe tights. The hard part seems to be finding ones at a decent price that are NOT “one size fits most” for some of our more curvy shapes 🙁

    Anyone have a suggestion?

  3. Leg Avenue has a wide plus-sized selection, especially if you shop their “Halloween” collection. Also, Torrid is a plus size clothing store that has a good tights selection. I usually just go to my local “lingere shop” (read, sex shop). Most of my tights came from there. Some are Leg Avenue, some are not. Good luck!

  4. I. Wore hot pink thigh highs under my blue dress. I told no one until I put then on. It was so fun.

  5. As a Colorado bride I’m loving the brides in the snowcat, and her boots/tights combo is amazing. I suffered frostbite on my feet a few years ago, so I don’t take chances with the cold but I still want to look pretty while my feet stay warm and dry. That picture is the perfect inspiration.

    • Agreed! Also I think a lot of Canadian OBBs would love to see a bride profile on that particular wedding… Pretty please?

  6. American Apparel, woooooo! They’ve got every kind of tights I could ever want and the fabrics are far superior and will last a long time. They’ve got garter belts now too.

  7. Is official: I need more tights. Particularly ones with a gun on them.

    Also, HEIDI’S DRESS!!

  8. Man, I’m jealous. I’m pining for tights in any color other than black/nude/white and I always get the “colored tights are for little girls” answer. Any cherry blossom tights? *Swoon*

  9. Does anyone know where to find the purple paisley tights? I’m in love and need them!!

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