Get your sparkly on: today we’re talking about our favorite tiaras

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How much glitter does one person's head really need? If your answer is SO MUCH OMG, then you'll be excited by several of the uber shimmery tiara options in today's post. If you're leaning more toward the understated, never fear: there's still plenty of you here. I know I'm not the only one who was loving the increeeeedible tiara the Jacqui wore during day one of her Cambodian wedding, so let's dive in!

What love looks like

Maureen totally rocked her non-gigantic tiara at her humanist wedding in 2011

Walking out, overjoyed!

I am totally into Fran's (in red) tiara in this photo — her wife, Von, handmade the piece out of copper wire and gemstone.

You can snag this crown for $35.

This crown is listed as something for a “king” but I see no reason why it couldn't be rocked by anyone who wanted to wear it, especially in a fantasy/magic-themed wedding.

Tiara and ring

This photo is from our Flickr pool, and the tiara was handmade by the bride herself! I'm especially infatuated by the teeny tiny leaf details.

Headband tiara, $48.

This headband tiara is $48 on Etsy and it's faaaabulous. Bonus points: you already know it'll look great with purple hair!

Flower tiara, $20.

Speaking of delicate details, this flower tiara is the sweetest — so sweet it'd be super perfect for a whimsical garden ceremony.


Another excellent tiara from our own archives is the one Amelia wore at her books and fairy tales wedding.

Did you (or do you plan to) wear a tiara at your wedding — and how excellent was the choice?

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Comments on Get your sparkly on: today we’re talking about our favorite tiaras

  1. Actually, that crown that was listed as a Kings…I wore it for my 2010 nuptials that you featured. 🙂

  2. Hooray- I’ve missed me some quality fashion porn posts! Love that handmade one with the leaves! Wow!

  3. I love that we already know how the headband tiara looks with purple hair because that’s totally what my head is going to look like at my wedding! If only everything could be shown to me with whatever my current haircolor is, things would be so much easier.

  4. Oh these are wonderful ideas – I already know I’m going to wear grapevines in my hair but don’t quite know how, so these will prompt some excellent brainstorming!

  5. My friend B wore the flower tiara for her fabulous semi-jewish-medieval-garden wedding!

  6. I’m not much the princess type (to my bf’s distress) but Jaqui’s tiara and pins (?) are sooo nice. Any idea where i could find something similar? Esp. the pins behind the tiara?

  7. The best part is that I have wore my wedding tiara for several costume parties, LARPs and other fun times since my wedding!
    Also, the tiara was in several pieces, so I can wear parts of it like a fancy clip.
    The artist who made it doesn’t generally do tiaras, but I highly recommend her other beautiful work. She also teaches enamelling classes, which might be an awesome wedding party activity. Her name is Leslie Perrino

  8. For my wedding, I wore a vintage tiara that I found on eBay, & I’ve been wearing that one & collecting more tiaras ever since (great for cocktail parties :). I swear someday I’m gonna plunk down & buy one of those giant pageant / drag queen tiaras. Just so I can wear it around the house.

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