Think “holding up” as an alternative to “giving away” the bride

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Casey and Adam had a perfectly adorable school-themed wedding, but one SUPER TEENY TINY detail stood out to me. Well, Casey pointed it out herself:

It was also nice to have a moment with my dad before the ceremony. It wasn't like my dad was giving me away, but holding me up. -Casey

Isn't that a beautiful alternative to giving away the bride?

For those who'd like to include the traditional walk down the aisle with a deeply loved parental figure but choke a bit on the whole concept of “giving away,” maybe all that's required is some alternative thinking. This person has supported you and loved you, whomever they may be — how lovely to let them “hold you up” as you walk toward your partner.

Let's talk — what loved one has been your support? Would you rather walk to meet your partner alone or would you like some support?

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  1. We used the words : Who accompanies the bride today?

    I felt it was the perfect alternative and I really appreciated having someone to walk with. It takes the edge off that nasty anxiety monster.

  2. There is a difference between being ‘walked down the aisle’ and being ‘given away’. A bride is ‘given’ when the person escorting her is asked a question (to which we assume they will answer affirmatively)… “Who gives this woman in marriage?” or “Do you give your blessing to this union?” and so on.

    Being walked down the aisle is an honor for whomever is doing the walking, but NO question needs to be asked of that person! So the bride can, indeed, be walked down the aisle without being given away.

  3. I’m really considering having my sister walk me down the aisle. She’s “held me up my whole life” I regret not choosing her to be my maid of honor. I need her to do mother of the bride duties and my father passed on 14 years ago. I was really torn. Worried about people thinking it’s weird. After reading this it made me believe it’s the right choice. I was going to walk alone through a field. I know I’ll be really shaky and nervous and love the idea of her supporting me

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