The Bad-ass bridemaids of the day award clearly goes to this girl-gang of lovelies rocking their black-bowed dresses, Converse low-tops, and squadron of tats.

And the way they're flanking the groom, they've made it clear — you mess with the bride, you mess with us.

Check out the rest of the shots from Courtney's wedding.

(Thanks to courtneylynn for the photo!)

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Comments on These bridesmaids will cut you

  1. The matching Chucks are so hot! It makes me want to retract the statement to my bms about “wear what you want”.

  2. I have to say I stalk this site and I am not even a bride to be. I love the creativity and wonderful resources and FTW attitude! 🙂 But it makes me sad that you perpetuate the stereotype that people with tattoos are violent.

  3. People with tats are violent? Wow, that certainly wasn’t what I meant to imply at all. As a total pacifist with three tattoos, it didn’t even cross my mind. It was more the rockabilly/girl gang feel of the wedding party that I was tapping into.

  4. You did say “cut you” and “mess with you”. I got a whiff of a violent undertone, but I didn’t think it was intentional. Perhaps it is just that the history of urban gangs is so intertwined with the prevelence of urban violence (intertwined not one on one corespondence). Trying to get a “girl gang” feel you tapped into this comingling of the gang culture and the culture of violenc.


  5. I didn’t mean to imply that you actually think people with tattoos are violent. I guess to in mentioning tattoos and violent behavior in the same post, I just felt like it would be interpreted that “the two go together”. Does that make any sense? I guess I am just pretty sensitive to this stereotype. As a heavily tattooed individual who is also a pacifist, it gets rather annoying to know people are scared of me and assume I’ll kick their ass just because of the way I look instead of being judged on the way I behave.

    Really though, love the site Ariel, you’re such a doll and whenever I see a hula hooper I always think of you now! 😀

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