A Thanksgiving Day Wes Anderson-inspired wedding

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 | Photography by Post & Beam Co.
All photos by Post & Beam Co.

Ellis and Minda knew they wanted to get married at Thanksgiving in 2012, and planned their festive celebration in just under three months. They wanted an intimate, budget-friendly wedding and definitely achieved both with their faith-and-art focused wedding at Pinecote Pavilion in Mississippi.

These two pulled in their family and friends to help out: it turns out they're related to a minister, a florist, and the pair of photographer-videographer-DJs that make up Post & Beam Co. The love these guys have for nature is clear — there are so many animal and plant touches. These guys are also big-time Wes Anderson fans, and used a bit of the filmmaker's style — especially with references to Fantastic Mr. Fox.


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Comments on A Thanksgiving Day Wes Anderson-inspired wedding

      • Yes, as an artist who paints live at weddings for a living, I totally agree! She looks like Botticelli’s Venus. Just gorgeous.

  1. That venue is AMAZING! WANT!! I’m in New Zealand, so we have our share of prettiness, but no-one does beautiful lakes and beautiful trees quite like the U.S 🙂

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments, and a great BIG thank you to the site for featuring our wedding!!

  3. THAT DRESS!! *swoon* Looks absolutely incredible on the bride, and is just the most floaty, sweet, romantic garment. I also like the fall touches to the wedding decor – inspirational for my own fall wedding!

  4. I am in love with this wedding. It’s so not even close to my style and I am just blown away at the warmth and love that exudes from all of these pictures.

  5. I followed Minda’s link for her wedding dress because I wanted to pin it to my Pinterest account, but when I got there I was really disappointed. I couldn’t believe it was the same dress. The original design on the host site did nothing for me. If I hadn’t seen Minda first, I never would have given it a second glance. Minda looks so gosh darn beautiful in her dress that she puts the “model” to shame! So, I pinned Minda to my page instead. She just brings all the detail to life! STUNNING!

    • You are so sweet! I have always thought the catalog picture of this dress leaves something to be desired. It helped me to see it on other brides as well!! I didn’t get to try on the dress before ordering…I just held up the size 8 they had to my body, haha sooo I started to freak a little when I couldn’t pick it up until the week of the wedding!! I looked at the pics on the Wtoo site and worried I made the wrong choice… Then it came and it was PERFECT for me. I did add an underlay for more glam/modesty as well.

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