What I would register for: The Thailand honeymoon edition

January 3 2017 | meggyfin
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Photo of Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by my fiancé Mike Horowitz
Photo of Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by my fiancé Mike Horowitz

I'm excited about the idea of a honeymoon and registering for said honeymoon but… we aren't quite sure where to go yet. So I thought that, while I was doing some honeymoon research with the help of our longtime sponsor Traveler's Joy, I would share my findings with all y'all. Maybe we can help each other out?

[Keep in mind, if you know where you're going (and it ain't Thailand) you can just head over to Traveler's Joy's Honeymoon Planning Guides and start scheming up plans for your own awesome honeymoon!]

First up: Thailand honeymoon ideas…

As you'll see from most of the photos, These Thailand honeymoon ideas are from a combo of Offbeat Bride readers, a trip my fiancé took (without me *bitter, party of one), and honeymoon reviews from actual Traveler's Joy registry users…

Thai massages are a must

I've had a Thai massage before (you know, the one where they contort your body and walk on you!) but never in freaking Thailand! You can bet the first thing on our honeymoon registry, and on the agenda, will be Thai massages to de-stress from the wedding planning.

Feeding time at the Elephant Nature Park! (Photo by my freaking fiance who's already been to the most magical place on Earth!)
Feeding time at the Elephant Nature Park! (Photo by Mike Horowitz, who's clearly already been to the most magical place on Earth!)

The Elephant Nature Park

A visit to the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand is the entire reason I'm considering Thailand as a honeymoon destination. It's about an hour outside of Chiang Mai City, and it gets booked up fast. So I'd be flagging that as high priority on our registry.

Thai Wedding
Photo from Chrissy & Danny's wedding in Thailand

Exploring the beaches

If you're going in February and March, register for a hotel in Ko Samui:

Formerly featured Offbeat Bride couple Chrissy and Danny got married and stayed at the Sandalwood in Ko Samui and loved it. Here's their advice:

I know Sandalwood does honeymoon packages. If you don't see something you want on their website, it's worth contacting them. They're very personable and will work with you — it's not like speaking to a big, corporate hotel.

Railay Beach
Long boats on Railay Beach, by vngrijlCC BY 2.0

If you're going between January and March, register for a hotel in Railay Beach:

Traveler's Joy couple Amanda and Ross' Thailand honeymoon review just made my Railay Beach lust kick-up…

We selected Railay because it was a secluded area, only accessible by a traditional Thai longboat. In addition, Ross is an exceptional climber and the area is one of the Pacific Rim's hottest rock climbing locales.

When we arrived at the boat launch, we were met by a boat chartered by the Railay Beach Club… Our private house was secluded, beautiful and comfy. Each morning, we were greeted by monkeys outside our open-air bath. We watched some of the most beautiful sunsets, kayaked through caves and rock formations, climbed down into a private lagoon, and used our climbing equipment at three different spots. We also swam and enjoyed the almost private beach outside our house.

A driver comes in really handy if you're in Phuket during the wet season. (Photo by Mike Horowitz)
A driver comes in really handy if you're in Phuket during the wet season. (Photo by Mike Horowitz)

Exploring Phuket

Traveler's Joy recommends registering for a driver to take a day to explore the island of Phuket:

Start in the Southwest corner at Kata Beach and make your way up the west coast. After several beach detours, head to Phuket town and wander the city streets before grabbing a bite to eat. The town is well known for its 19th century Sino-Portuguese style residences. -Read more on Traveler's Joy Thailand honeymoon guide

Photos from Chandra & Matt's Thailand honeymoon review on Traveler's Joy
Photos from Chandra & Matt's Thailand honeymoon review on Traveler's Joy

Airfare and transport

Of course, getting there might (will probably) require a LOT of work. Thank goodness Traveler's Joy can help you with that too. Check this advice from Chandra and Matt's Traveler's Joy Thailand honeymoon advice:

"…our trip required 11 airplane rides, ranging from short flights aboard propeller planes to a 16-hour trans-Pacific flight on an internationally recognized holiday.

The bill for airfare? Almost $5000, which was slightly more than half the cost of the entire trip. Yikes.

Traveler’s Joy to the rescue! With our noses buried in guidebooks, and our sights set on defraying the cost of our perfect (but expensive) honeymoon, we created a personal and comprehensive Traveler’s Joy registry that furthered our excitement for the trip, and solidified our commitment to Thailand as the perfect destination. For us."

If we choose Thailand, we're basically going to be using Traveler's Joy Thailand section, and Chandra and Matt's registry specifically, as our honeymoon bible. (So many awesome ideas and tips!) Unless you guys also have tips? If so, give 'em up in the comments.

If not: Get thee to Traveler's Joy to find guidance on setting up your own honeymoon registry!

  1. The Elephant Nature Park is my favorite place on earth! I was lucky enough to spend two weeks there as an undergrad and I'm excited to see it on this beautiful list. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your tips!

    1 agrees
    • I've also been to Elephant Parks in Thailand as a teenager on exchange. At one of them my friend bought a painting done by an elephant, and at the other park my program had organised a whole 'Be a Elephant Trainer for a Day' experience. If elephants is a big part of why you want to go to Thailand, I'd look into whether that is an option. Sliding down an elephants trunk and feeding them sugar cane from on their back was amazing.
      Also, avoid the ChangMai zoo. It may have changed since 2005 but when we went the Thai elephants were in a dusty bowl of an enclosure wearing chains (while the gift from China Pandas were in air conditioned comfort…)
      A cruise along the river which runs south through Thailand (the MeKong?) is also an experience worth including

      • http://www.elemotion.org is another great resource, if elephants are on your agenda. Info about why you might not want to support practices like elephant painting or allowing tourists to ride the elephants. Ethical tourism, especially where animals are concerned, is one of my big Things. 🙂

        Omigosh though, that "be a trainer for a day" thing sounds SO up my alley! ENP let's you get really involved in the creatures' caretaking and I'm all about that life, haha.

        1 agrees
  2. The elephant tourism industry in Thailand makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. A country with few regulations and a massive interest in tourist dollars generally will not have elephants' best interests in mind. Please do not patronize any place that has elephants doing tricks or giving rides. The "training" these elephants endure is essentially abuse, and the long hours they are worked is horrible for their (surprisingly weak) backs.
    The Elephant Nature Park OBB linked to is doing right by the elephants. I just want to make sure that readers understand that elephants should be viewed and admired, maybe petted and fed but not exploited by anything further- and in Thailand it can be VERY difficult to distinguish. Pamphlets and guides WILL lie to your face to get your money. Approach with a healthy amount of skepticism.

    3 agree

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