Stephanie & Chase's Gamer, Nerdabilly, Geek Chic Wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015

The offbeat bride: Stephanie – Screenprinter (and OBT member)

Her offbeat partner: Chase (Frog) – Graphic Designer, Vocalist

Location & date of wedding: Artspace111, Fort Worth, Texas — July 18, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: We DIY'd the hell out of our wedding. Almost everything decorative at our wedding was handmade by us, our fantastic friends, and family. We both have a love for old school video games, all things rockabilly, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Our main goal was to include everything we love and still be our classy selves.

IMG_8742 (2)

We are that couple that gets overdressed for everything and this day was no different. My dress "alterations" (everything red), bouquets, tablecloths, centerpieces, bridesmaid's jewelry and fascinators and much more were all made by us. Our groomsmen were all decked out in 8-bit ties.


We used orchestrated music from The Legend of Zelda for our processional and recessional, which you can hear here. We entered our reception to the main theme from Star Wars under an arch of toy lightsabers and wands. Our wedding cakes were an 8-bit version of Link, Princess Zelda and a life heart.





Our ultimate goal was just to have a giant party to celebrate our love for each other, and I feel we accomplished our goal. We also decided not to get married in a church (against the wishes of MIL) because although we both consider ourselves to be Christians, we don't agree with the way most churches are run. Luckily, our minister was a family member and just as big of a Star Wars nerd so that definitely worked out in our favor!



Tell us about your ceremony: Our plan for our ceremony was to make it as short as possible so we could get to the partying. I personally didn't want to write our own vows due to the fact that Chase is fantastic with words and all I would come up with is "I love you…lots". We did a short, basic Christian ceremony because in our eyes there aren't words that could fully explain our love for each other.

IMG_8698 (2)



Our biggest challenge: Well we were definitely on a very tight budget with both of our moms doing what they could to help, but the brunt of everything fell on us. We saved a lot of money by choosing the DIY route and skipping an out of town honeymoon. We "staycationed" and loved it.


Another challenge for me personally was finding someone to give me away. I didn't count on my dad even attending so I chose the next best thing, my two older brothers. However, they kept telling me all the way down the aisle that they had the truck ready to go if I wanted to just run away…



IMG_9560 (2)


My favorite moment: Every single part of it, especially seeing how much fun our guests were having with us! Everything we included in our wedding meant something to both of us no matter how dorky or odd it may have seemed. Chase even had his hightops specially made with our wedding date stitched in the side, it was the sweetest thing ever.


My funniest moment: That definitely happened during the ceremony as my two older brothers were trying to give me away. There is a set of train tracks directly behind the art gallery that gets used maybe three times a day, and of course just as we begin a train shows up. During every pause our minister took, the train just happened to honk its horn, I was laughing so hard I thought I wasn't going to make it through the ceremony, as was everyone else including the minister. It was like the conductor could hear everything that was happening and was honking his agreement!


My advice for offbeat brides: Don't do anything you feel uncomfortable with just because someone else wants you to. It's your day, your way! You don't want to be mad at yourself ten years from now because you look back and wish that you had followed through with something that was really important to you.


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? To try and not let little imperfections drive you crazy. Nothing is ever perfect no matter how hard you try to force it to be. Compromising with my spouse. There were a few ideas of his that had to be vetoed due to expense or time limitations, but for the most part we worked together to include a lot of what each of us felt was important.

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! Everything looks divine, you really covered classy and nerdy really well.

    I knew I was going to love your wedding from the get go,you two share a lot of my nerdy
    loves! We also dress to the nines for every thing.
    I can't express how special it is to see a Christen wedding outside of a church.

    Your advise about not leaving things out because you might regret it really hits home.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I especially love your game-inspired table centerpieces! How did you make those?

    • Well the tops were made out of styrofoam that we painted, the stems were dowel rods wrapped with pipecleaners, the leaves we cut out of felt and hot glued to the stems and the bases were either ceramic pots or styrofoam depending on which one it was. We had to cut the mouths out of the piranha plants and made teeth for them out of tooth picks and white felt. I cannot tell you how many source pictures we had to look at to figure out the final design!

  3. Everything from the center-pieces to the ties is amazing.

    I've planned for years to walk down the aisle to a Legend of Zelda song (Kakariko Village, for me), so it's awesome to see that someone else had the same idea 😀


  4. The centerpieces are AWESOME!!! And I love your veil… I got mine at the same place!! They really know what they're doing. CONGRATULATIONS… your wedding looks like a huge success!

  5. OMG you're both adorable & so was this wedding…those are my favorite obb centerpieces EVER! You should totally hang on to those as home decor, I know I would!

  6. Awesome kickass wedding, congrats to you guys! I love everything, especially the Wedding Sneakers, the 8-bit cakes, and the centerpieces. If I may ask a fashion-geeky question, did your hawt red crinoline underskirt thing come with your dress, or did you get it separately?

    • Actually I just picked up some satin and the crinoline at the local fabric store, cut out the original lining to the dress, replaced it with the satin and randomly stitched the crinoline in place. It saved a ton of money and kept me from having too many layers on in the July Texas heat!

  7. That cake table may be one of the most amazing thing I've ever seen. This whole wedding looks like so much fun!

  8. Oh wow! I have always dreamed of incorporating my geekiness into my wedding, but not lose the class – and now I see it can be done!

    The cake? AMAZING. Might have to credit you for inspiration on that one. I am a diehard Zelda fan <3. The centerpieces are also great! And I loved the orchestrated Zelda theme as a processional, that's awesome. Looks like it was a blast!

  9. Hey Stephine and Chase,

    Ran across your wedding here! I was super excited! I know them! Yeah! I only wish I would have known you before you wedding, looks like you all had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss you guys btw

  10. I just wanted to say – your wedding is amazing. I am SO grateful to stumble across this. Not only because it is gorgeous and wonderful – but as cheesey as it sounds, your wedding changed my life. It sounds very stupid, but the only rockabilly-type person I know has been downing me for years about my nerd side. He told me everyone rockabilly would hate me because I'm a nerd, so I felt I could never, ever be my whole self. In fact, if I saw someone sporting a retro style, I usually cover my "Star Wars in Sailor Jerry" style tattoos. I am so thankful to have seen your wedding, and seen the personality that seems a lot more warm, friendly and nerdy than I ever imagined rockabilly types to be. I am 100% seriously crying right now. Your wedding is amazing and I am so sorry to sound like a ridiculous fan girl right now, but you have no idea what this means to me. You are amazing, and I wish I could know such wonderful people as your wedding shows you to be.

    • I didn't know that Rockabilly/Psychobilly types disliked geek culture…in fact, I know two people (besides myself) that are into the lifestyle yet love geeky stuff like Star Wars, fan fiction, cosplay etc. But then again, I don't really know too many punks that are gamers. :/

      Regardless you are not alone–now you've got a handful here on Offbeat Bride who share your interests (including me)!

      And to the bride: I'm glad to see a fellow Christian on here who's also a cool, geeky Rockabilly chick. I'm also going to be married outside of the church (FI and I will have a small wedding in our Las Vegas hotel suite instead). Will keep tabs on this for inspiration!

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