You are looking at a Friday the 13th wedding at a haunted house with a drag queen, a burlesque dancer, and a magician. they danced to Time Warp and Thriller at the reception. The bride and groom both rocked mohawks. It made my day.

Havi Frost Photography sent this wedding our way, explaining they'd never seen anything quite like it. Check out Tiinia and Kevin's wedding that encapsulates both chic style and creepiness.

Tiinia rocked a white and pink look, including these sky-high gorgeous platform heels.

The simple and colorful centerpieces.

In homage to the graveyard ceremony were these dolls who keep giving me the evil eye!

A pink feather fan instead of a bouquet!

Perfect view of the twin ‘hawks.

And epic sweets table, doughnuts included.

Drag queen cameo.

Ending the night with a literal roll in the hay.

Check out the rest of the gallery for all the details.

The excellent vendors:

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Comments on A chic and lacy haunted house goth wedding

  1. I’ll just be over here flailing over her gorgeous locks, AND THE FACT THAT SHE SWITCHED HER HEELS OUT FOR CREEPERS. The hearts are pouring out of my eyes right now, good golly.

  2. I love this! What a beautiful wedding, and you can see how much they adore eachother. No fake smiles here!

  3. AH-MAZE-ING!! All of it! I’m considering moving our wedding from Houston to Dallas so we can book this venue!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring us! If anyone is interested in our other vendors, a lot of them are online, give me a shout. All of your comments are so sweet, and much appreciated!

    -The Bride

  5. So happy to see Tiinia and Kevin’s wedding – I knew it would make it to OBB! So proud that my mom and I were one of the vendors, and honored to have become guests and friends of the bride and groom! Their wedding was an absolute blast!

    • Found that petticoat for $25 at an antique store. Stopped in there just on a whim and it was hanging from the ceiling, the only pink one and it just happened to be my size.

  6. I just love the colors in this wedding… Super fabulous. I’m drooling over the rainbow feathers. Squee!

  7. Tiinia – I don’t think we’ve ever actually talked, but I’ve seen you out at the haunt, and your wedding was so beautiful! I saw some pictures that Alex posted, but these are some amazing shots 😀

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