Teaser for Chrissy & Danny's two weddings

September 13 2010 | offbeatbride

Lately I've been so busy with behind-the-scenes Offbeat Empire stuff, that when I see an amazing photo in the Flickr pool, I usually dash off an email to the offbeat minions Megan and Coco babbling "OMG! LOVE! Does anyone have time to do a post about this?" and then I scurry back to my biz dev and project management and PHP and schemes.

But every once and a while there's a wedding that I stumble across that throws me for such a loop that all business projects must be set aside, and I must get out my napkin and commence drooling upon myself. Chrissy & Danny's London wedding is that:

Chrissy and Danny
Photo by Phil Bourne

These two American school teachers actually had two weddings, one in Thailand, and then the legal one in London where they currently reside. The Thai photos are jaw-dropping (and omg, fashion alert: white dress + green shrug = WIN!), but today we speak not of monks and shrugs, but of cupolas and croquet…

Nothing like a nice game of croquet for two!

As if I wasn't tripping out enough on these photos, they had to go and add a magical mushroom shot. If you need me, I'll be in the corner rocking back and forth, counting rainbows in the mushroom pixels of this photo…

Chrissy and Danny
Oh la la, don't mind us, just being cute and fabulous next to these cute and fabulous toadstools!
Oh, and speaking of: GRASS!
Chrissy and Danny

The bride was stunning in a Wai-Ching and a wee cocktail hat:
Chrissy and Danny

Seriously? I'm dying of awesome. Come close and hold my hand. I feel it all slipping away. Too much awesome … I'm floating into the light….

And the groom? Well, serious groom is serious … ABOUT ACCESSORIES. Check the Pac-Man belt-buckle!

These two are totally gazing into the future (aka next week), when we're going to profile the fuck out of their two epic weddings:
Chrissy and Danny

Until then, it's back to my biz devving and project management…

  1. I can't even begin to express how excited I was by this post as my fiancée and I are getting married next month in Phuket! Great photos from Thailand now I am even more excited!

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