Morning of the wedding
The Offbeat Bride: Kelly, Make up Artist

My Offbeat Partner: Chris, Software Engineer

Location & date of the wedding: New York, NY courthouse, and reception at Alice's Tea Cup. March 20, 2009.

What made our wedding offbeat: I bucked tradition by having a mid-day tea party wedding: Everything was exactly like the tea parties I had in mind when I poured (water) tea for my dolls at age 6!

the girls
The girls eating cake in their AWESOME frilly dresses.

My maid of honor and I wore the most frilly, girlie dresses and hats… it was so beautiful. (Mine was beige and pink and hers was turquoise and pink)

Make up photo

And I wore dark lipstick — to the horror of my mother-in-law!

Chris and Kelly

Our biggest challenge: I could not find any dresses, flowers, hats… I just couldn't find any non-traditional bride anything! I made most of my wedding attire and did all of the flowers. After I started sewing, two months before my wedding, I opened my own Etsy site. Not finding the right dress has lead me down a new career path!

Our wedding cake
The wedding cake with a vintage cake topper.

My favorite moment: When my new husband and I came out of the courthouse, we stopped to take pictures on the steps and saw a NYPD traffic cop stop and take our picture with her cell phone. She said we were the most beautiful bride and groom she ever saw!

Cheers on our day

Wedding tea party

My fashion advice for other offbeat brides: You didn't settle for your mate, don't settle for anything less than your perfect outfit.

I didn't get my shoes until five days before, but they were perfect and I was so glad I didn't just settle on whatever to check it off the list.

Somewhere, some how, that crazy dress or hat you imagined is out there. Worse case: design it and have it made.

Leaving Alice's teacup

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:

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Comments on Kelly & Chris’s NY Tea Party Wedding

  1. I saw these pictures in the Flikr pool and I am in love with your style- You should be so proud! Congrats!

  2. OMG !! I have bought stuff from your Etsy store and had no idea you were from Offbeat Bride !! YAY !! Your store is wonderful and I am in love with your wedding pics!!

  3. It looks like you had a great theme for your wedding… and the wedding cake is too cute. Hope it was a great day and guys enjoy many years to come…


  4. Thank you for all the nice comments! I had such a wonderful day–it was absolutely perfect and I am thrilled to be profiled here!

  5. I absolutly love the maid of honor’s dress! What a doll! You guys are so beautiful and I’m sure you stopped traffic. Make up- amazing. Style- beyond amazing! Congratulations and I wish you many vasty years together!

  6. These dresses are among my favorites on Offbeat Bride. So sassy! Love the pink cake. It’s all very fun and stylish.

  7. OMG your dresses are amazing! I love the turqouise and pink best because they’re my favourite colours but yours is a perfect twist on the traditional colours!

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