Combine cultures with tea cup cake toppers

Guest post by Sadie Lorraine
Victorian tea cup and a Japanese tea cup.
Victorian tea cup and a Japanese tea cup.

Many couples in the modern world don't come from exactly the same background, or the same town. Right? Some meet their beloved abroad, one native, and one from another continent. Therefore, many weddings nowadays try to effortlessly blend two totally different cultures; this, obviously, can be hard.

However, I recently had a great idea on how to blend two seemingly different cultures through an easy subject: tea cups!

Tea cup culture is different in every society, from the size to the design to the shape. It doesn't hurt if you and your partner are big time tea fans already! But if you aren't, you can use any object; what you want is a mutually loved item from both cultures that can be placed on top of your cake to show that, no matter how different, you are there because of what (and who) you love.

Bonus? You probably have the items already at home! Which means saving money for a more delicious cake *wink*.

To give an example, say you are from England, and your significant other is from Japan. You both love tea to a radical extreme. To represent both your differences and your similarities at the same time, place two tea cups side by side on top of your cake; one that is distinctly Victorian, with the gilded edges and the ornate swirls, and one that is markedly Japanese, from the earthy color, to the simplicity of zen. They come from different places, and don't look exactly the same, but both are tea cups, and are the same where it really counts. It allows people to celebrate the beauty in differences, and to appreciate your great taste in tea cups!

And in the end, isn't that the message of your wedding in the first place?

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