Tom & Katy’s tattoos and VWs wedding from onelove photography

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Onelove photography (who, btw, is no stranger to OBB) shot a pretty amazing wedding last weekend. Tom and Katy love VW bugs and tattoos. So they themed their wedding around both of those things, and totally DIY'ed everything…

Tom and Katy met five years ago, Katy son was five years old at the time, and Tom immediately took to her. Katy's son is now ten years old and he escorted her down the aisle.

They got married in Oakland, made their own flower bouquets, and had temporary tattoos made with their names on it for the wedding favors!

Tom owned a GORGEOUS vintage refurbished (done himself) cream VW bug that he loved, and he sold it to buy Katy's wedding ring. In exchange, he bought this little crappy white bug that he is in the process of restoring. How cute is that!?

To check out more images from this tatted up VW lovin' wedding head over to onelove photography's blog and check out all their amazing details like YAY flags, hawt shoes, Etsy invites and some rad classic car photos!

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  1. One of my favorite parts about living on the Mills College campus was seeing all the wedding parties. It’s a gorgeous place to get married, and to get an education.

  2. Everything about this wedding is amazing! How romantic is it that the groom sold his car to buy the ring?! And I am so in love with the dress, I have to know where she got it!!!

  3. Great photos and a beautiful wedding (with a few things in common with our upcoming wedding). We’re giving out the very same pocket watch as is pictured as our groomsmen gift, and will also have an ostrich feather pen for signing our guestbook!

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