Target Women: Jewelry!

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This isn't about weddings, but it totally relates — you'll see. And then you will laugh and laugh.

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  1. Classic!! I love it. It’s so true. Jewelry says.. “you have a vagina and I figured as a feminist if I bought you sexy undies you’d get offended so I bought oyu this safe bracelet that’s really shiny because I couldn’t muster up enough thought to give you something orginal that you’d really really like… like salsa dance lessons or a copy of “Offbeat Bride” or even a shopping spree at MAC (because that’s what a girl really wants).

    Thanks Ariel for making me laugh this morning. I needed it!

  2. Hurray more Infomania form Sara. I love these things.

    Have you seen her wedding show one? Or the cleaning one? Oh there’s also the birth control one.

    Okay so maybe I have a slight girl crush.

  3. My man and I always laugh when those commericals. He’ll turn to me and say “I’m sorry I not love you enough because I not buy you an overpriced piece of carbon that most likely is tainted with the blood of oppressed Africans”. And I’ll reply, “Well, it really does hurt me that you don’t expect me to conform to sexist, commerically driven stereotype, but I’ll forgive you.”

  4. Hah! It’s true. I am always bothered by those commercials because it assumes that all women are interested in the same sort of thing. I love jewelry, but it better be reflected of me (something no diamond ever will!)

  5. Wow. I had never heard of Sarah Haskins before, but after watching a couple of clips…she is the awesome. I love her.

  6. I find it funny how appalled people when they find out that Tom didn’t buy a diamond for my engagement ring and how they never believe him when he tells them that I specifically asked for NO diamonds.

    I had on ex buy me diamond earrings which I never wore and eventually lost. His reasoning was “that’s what all women want and what all men are supposed to buy them.” WTF?

  7. HA! Thanks for posting. I needed a good laugh. “I was worried that I was a boring guy in a sweater.” Now I’m going to go watch all the others.

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