Will you be my companion?: The perfect ring box for a Whovian proposal

Updated Oct 12 2015

Ssssh — if you listen closely you can hear the collective jealous outcries from fellow Whovians when I show you Tribesmaid Anthropolywog's amazing Tardis ring box. Oh, and should I even drop the "matching TARDIS-blue engagement ring" bomb?

I'll let Anthropolywog explain the most adorkable proposal you'll hear about today:

I go fill my plate full of Thanksgiving food at my Big Brother Wayne's "Orphan Thanksgiving." I come back to my spot and there is this amazingly detailed little Tardis sitting in my spot at the table. I thought, "Oh what a cute little present." So I open it and there is my engagement ring.

I throw myself into Tim's arms and hug him big and he whispers in my ear, "Will you be my companion?" "With all my heart through all of time!"

Sweet beyond measure, brilliant in a thousand thousand ways is my dearest Tim, I am the luckiest girl EVER!

Look at the tiny little "public notice" square!
I don't know what I'd be more excited about, the TARDIS box or the engagement ring!

  1. I am a hugely private person, but ignoring my personal problems with public proposals, this kicks ass! Also, I love sapphire engagement rings and, surprisingly, never made the connection with TARDIS blue. Now sapphires are even better!

    Signed, nerd who has already watched two episodes of Doctor Who today.

  2. That high-pitched "SQUEEE!" was me. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Was the box from Esty or made by the proposer??

  3. That ring is beautiful. I remember how Sailor Moon's engagement ring looked exactly like this, but the main stone was pink. :)) I am still in love with it.

  4. You. Lucky. Ducky.
    The whole story is super adorable… and it IS the same shade of blue… omfg!

  5. Okay I don't want to break any rules about posting websites or anything but if you search Etsy for Tardis Ring Box it pops right to the top.

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