Tardis wedding invitations complete with Gallifreyan symbols

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You already saw Girlgeeklove's Spiderman ring pillow in this Monday Montage, but what we didn't unveil, until now, are her Tardis wedding invitations!

Tardis Invitation

When Erin Allen was asked by a friend and fellow geek to take on the task of designing Doctor Who Tardis wedding invitations, she met the request full force and THIS is the result. Pretty spectacular, huh? The bride was nice enough to give us a little explanation and a peek inside…

She made the front look like the Tardis doors, and inside, printed on a sheer velum, is the details. The velum has a light grey design of Gallifreyan images printed behind the text (symbols for Time Lords and Ladies, Gallifrey, friendship, etc).

It may not be bigger inside, but it's definitely just as cool!

And if you want to make your wedding even MORE Tardis-y (yes, that's a word now), you'll probably want to check out this Tardis card box, or perhaps have a full-scale Tardis in attendance at your wedding, or hey!, check out our entire tag dedicated to Whovian weddings.

Comments on Tardis wedding invitations complete with Gallifreyan symbols

  1. That’s so similar to what we were going to do – jealous! But we couldn’t find any blue card in the right shade and ours was going to be ‘door’ style, but we are having Gallifryian script inside ours 🙂

  2. OH WOW! I feel special now! Thank you for featuring this!
    Everyone loved our invitations – some people were confused, if they didn’t know what Dr Who was, but our guests know us well enough to figure it was some sort of geeky reference.
    When we get home from our honeymoon, I’ll hopefully have some pictures to share in the tribe 🙂
    Just wait till you see the guestbook!!
    For now, thanks for featuring us! <3 you OBB!

  3. The booth has been updated to be more screen accurate. We also now have a K-9 and a driveable Dalek named Derek. Youtube search: cptlong and there is a video of Derek in action, and a time lapse of how long it takes to set up the booth. Many pictures of events, with celebrities and phot examples in the Album section of http://www.fb.com/thetardisphotobooth

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