A surprise Doctor Who-themed card box!

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Tardis card box

Offbeat Bride Tribe member KarenMarie has an awesome friend named Vicki who made her an even more awesome surprise card box. Check out how her friend turned a diaper box and some office supplies into a card box. (Hint: it's bigger on the inside!) Still not sure what I'm talking about? Watch as the secret unfolds…

The raw materials.

Hmm… that is a familiar shape.

A slit at the top for the cards.

Hi sexy.

Yes! It's A Tardis card box! I love watching it appear out of nowhere, much like the Tardis itself, just appears. I couldn't help but hear this noise the entire time. Vicki, you are awesome. And KarenMarie, you are lucky.

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  1. You know, I hadn’t been sure of whether or not to make a card box, but now I think I have to. Regardless of whether or not any cards get put in! (We asked for our guests to donate to charities in lieu of gifts.)

  2. we’ve been in the middle of making our TARDIS cardbox for a while now. we’re using wood though, so it’s taking a bit longer. AWESOME.

    • same! though i outsourced it to a woodworking friend of ours, every now and then paint swatches show up in my letterbox (picking tardis blue is reeeeally hard)

  3. Totally awesome! We’ve already got Tardis invites…and our Photobooth backdrop might be the Tardis as well…so in an effort to keep our wedding everything geek, not just Dr Who themed, I’d have to avoid having this, haha 🙂
    Certainly an awesome idea though!!

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