Bigger on the inside: TARDIS blue wedding shoes

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All these shoes available here
All these shoes available here. Sadly, it's not known whether any of them are bigger on the inside.

Doctor Who
This shoe post comes as a special request from Spaceginger, who specifically asked for a post all about TARDIS blue shoes. Now, I've got a whole archive dedicated to blue wedding shoes, and we've got another whole archive for Doctor Who weddings… but never have the two met. UNTIL TODAY! Here's a collection of shoes in that very specific TARDIS-y cobalt blue, for those of you who want your something blue to be a little bit Whovian. I've got flats and heels both!

Oh and PS: I'm going to focus on shoes that just nod to the TARDIS with their color. If you want shoes that are more literally all about the TARDIS, you'll need to click here!

Style Pointers Flat in CobaltHappy as a Glam Wedge in CobaltGait a Second Flat in Cobaltpeppy planner in bluetrellis flatblueberry fieldsFalken - Blue Microsuede 11Arelaven - Medium Blue 8Carra - Med Blue Suede 9.5Carmody - Symph Blue Suede 10Gabriela - Blue 9Iris - Cobalt 11Blossom - Royal Satin 7Nookie - Blue Velv 8.5Civitate - Blue Misc 5

Random bonus shoe

Imagine these at your reception…
light up shoes

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Comments on Bigger on the inside: TARDIS blue wedding shoes

  1. Where was this post a few months ago when I was searching for TARDIS blue shoes? 🙂

    I ended up going the custom route — Design My Pedestal worked with me to custom-dye shoes to TARDIS blue, which they determined was somewhere between cobalt and royal blues. I went for a T-strap design. The soles say “hello” and “sweetie”, and they replaced some stones on the brooches to black to get more of the TARDIS window look. Blue/black bows on the back also made them adorable.

    My wedding is at the end of May, and I am impatient to wear my shoes!

  2. BRB, buying all of these.

    Actually, if you want to go the DIY TARDIS route, I believe that the official BBC word is Pantone 2955C — which renders as rgb 0, 62, 103 or hex code #003E67 in digital.

  3. Noooo!! The ones I want aren’t available anymore 🙁 The heels with the bows on the front. They would have been perfect! Anyone know where I can get them from, pretty please!

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