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I love this idea from Jessie:

I just wanted another great idea a friend of mine did recently at her wedding which was a roaring success. On the r.s.v.p. card they included:

Number of guests attending: _____


Song request #1:__________
Song request #2:__________

Instead of paying for an expensive d.j., they hooked up their laptop, after downloading everybody's tunes and had a friend play the list. The dance floor was packed all night long!

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  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I’ve been asking friends for their favorite songs, with little response, but I think this would make them more inclined to give up their favorites.

  2. Cool…not only do your guests feel involved, they get to yell “hey that’s my song!” when they hear one of their requests. Bonus: you probably get more cards returned!

  3. What a fab idea!!
    We are designing our invites tonight and have added this idea to our RSVP slips.

  4. =O! /Laughs, it’s like someone has been eavesdropping on me and my guy! This is something we were totally planning on. However, we are stingy we were only adding one line per guest ;).

  5. We did something similar for our wedding… We were planning an Oregon wedding from NC, and knew none of our NC friends would be able to make the cross-country trek to the wedding. So, we asked them for songs they would want to hear, and made them into cds we played at the reception! So, even though they weren’t really there, their presence was felt.

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