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Nicole & Kyle’s eco-minimal, Toronto Zoo wedding

The offbeat bride: Nicole, Biologist (and OBT member) Her offbeat partner: Kyle, Biologist Location & date of wedding: Africa Picnic Site and Atrium at the Toronto Zoo, in Toronto, Ontario — September 12, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: My biggest goal was to reduce the environmental impact of our wedding, since that’s something we […]

Megan & Rusty’s black, white, and wasabi wedding with unicorns & giraffes

The offbeat bride: Megan, MSW Grad Student (and OBT member “megankugler“) Her offbeat partner: Rusty, Graphic Designer Location & date of wedding: Kansas City Athenaeum in Kansas City, MO — August 1, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted our wedding to represent who we are as a couple: Silly, creative, unconventional, and surrounded […]

Julie & Stephanie’s San Francisco Zoo Wedding

“Our ceremony was held on the African Savannah at the Zoo, and the grounds keepers threw a bunch of feed out so there were zebras, kudu, ostriches, etc out eating while we were exchanging our vows.”

Jess & Aaron’s Funtastic Outdoor Zoo Wedding

The offbeat bride: Jess Her offbeat partner: Aaron Location & date of wedding: Western Australia Perth Zoo on January 31st, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: Vivienne Westwood-inspired dress! Firetrucks! 3000 handmade paper cranes! SUPER cute bridal party Black/red/white theme… and I mean everything! Our wedding video was chosen to be done for free so […]

Karen & PJ’s nerdy gamer zoo wedding

The tender union between two child-at-heart game industry kids is, of course, *unnormal* to say the least.