Zombies, Vikings, and a hawk: Shelley & Eric know funny weddings

with two comedy writers getting hitched, there's bound to be hilarity in store. Get ready for a zombie processional (including the bride taking them down with an AX BOUQUET), a getaway GamerBUS full of consoles, a Viking sword exchange, a hawk ring bearer, and Chipotle catering. Plus, prepare for an amazing idea to collect money for your honeymoon or charity at the reception!


Karina & Taylor's vintage style, music, and zombies wedding

This music-loving pair reunited at a concert and got engaged at a concert! Music is in their bones. But don't forget their love of vintage style and of course… zombies! It's a wild mix of styles that all seem to make total sense once you see it. Their solution to a grounds mishap on the venue property is pretty genius. But don't miss the adorable hot air balloon centerpieces and Shaun of the Dead cake, too. It's uh… got a little red on it.


Jess & Pete's glam horror and zombie wedding

We're falling into the so-excited-it's-almost-fall trap hardcore. But that's okay: trap us in your cool embrace and crunchy leaves, fall! Here's a little horror and zombies pre-Halloween preview to whet your appetite for the season. The dessert bar alone is to die for… think anatomical hearts, zombie mousse graves, and a cake with a giant bloody bite out of it. It's ghoulishly delicious!


Mandy & Eric's silly and geeky dance party

Hitchhiker's Guide, Game of Thrones, and zombie references all wrapped up in a joke-filled (and super meaningful!) ceremony and dance party — that's our kind of fun. Plus, you just might love their wedding party alternative at the ceremony. Oh, and don't miss the really good advice on how to mingle with the guests at the reception!


SF's Wild About You Photography: Impressive cinematic wedding photography with a cosplay discount

Okay, so the last time we actively gushed about our sponsors Lily and Chris from Wild About You photography was back in 2012. But since then we've featured their amazing photos all the freaking time. Seriously, we're wild about Wild About You, and if you've clickied any of those linkies it's easy to see why. So let's talk about getting you some Wild About You for your wedding…