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Sunflower wedding with doggie friends

What could be happier than a bright yellow sunflower wedding? “If we were going to do a wedding it was going to be us,” say Rue and James. Their red and yellow celebration of love at Omar Arts and Events in Omaha combined their favorite things into a spectacular romantic event that was just the way they wanted it to be.

Mustard yellow shoes for delicious wedding day

Mustard isn’t necessarily the most obvious wedding shoe color choice… but its more muted color can be perfect for an autumn wedding, or for those of you going for a more jewel-toned feel. Mustard says you’re aiming more on the sepia end of the wedding color spectrum.

That said, I’m going to toss in a few more generally yellow shoes as well. And one pair of platforms that take the “mustard” concept into a more literal, condiment-oriented direction.

This wedding is all about rain boots, fabric bouquets, and co-written vows pledging eternal love for cats

Holly and Jen rock at crafting: they handmade both of their bouquets and all of the desserts served at their wedding, including the three-tired wedding cake! Yellow and gray clearly ruled the day, as evidenced by the rain boots worn by the brides, the ribbons used for their handfasting, and the crows and bird cages printed on the dessert cookies. The pair bridged sentiment and humor with their co-written vows, including promises to accept each cat brought into their lives and staying together long enough to see what one another’s tattoos look like in old age.

All Vans, all the time: shoes for those going “dapper casual”

I was so inspired by Anthony’s groom gear post yesterday that I decided to focus this shoe post on his footwear of choice: VANS!

Kara & Adam’s 1930s-inspired aviation history wedding

A wedding in an aviation museum is one thing, but this couple added in some amazing 1930s details that take it to another level. We’re talking photos that totally suggest Casablanca, complete with a Humphrey Bogart-style groom in a white jacket. The air mail-toting flower girls, the “Adventure Book,” and a spectacular venue space just make it all that much more awesome.

Yellow wedding shoes for all!

Last week in the comments on my green wedding shoes post, someone special requested yellow weddings shoes. I don’t always take requests because it can kick off an avalanche of ever nichier personal shopping requests (“ok fine you featured yellow shoes, but what about vegan purple wedges in wide sizes with extra high arches — oh and they need to ship to New Zealand!”), but it felt like a good time for some yellow shoes. Today is the winter solstice after all… and the shortest day of the year deserves some shoes that are sunshine-y yellow. I’ve got ’em ranging from caramel tones to neon, a few towering platforms but mostly mid- to lower-heel heights (and plenty of flats!). Oh and the random bonus shoe? You’ll HEART it.