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This New South Wales wedding was a whimsical DIYed floral celebration

New South Wales surprise wedding

Belle and Layne chose to play their cards close to their chest when it came to announcing the wedding. In fact, they didn’t announce it was a wedding until guests arrived at the property! It was entirely an expression of who they are and how they love. The amount of community involvement in putting the day together showed how much they value and rely on the people in their circles. The DIY elements of the day, including Belle’s dress, articulated their creative spirits.

Channeling LA vibes with this La La Land wedding inspiration (aka Dublin turned into LA!)

Channeling LA vibes with this La La Land wedding inspiration (aka Dublin turned into LA!)

Still thinking about the style, tunes, and chemistry of the film La La Land? So are we! And so was this team of wedding vendors who wanted to channel LA style all the way in Dublin. Yep, it’s an Ireland-based La La Land wedding inspiration shoot that channels the colors, whimsy, and gorgeous look of the movie. Let’s hear from the photographer about the shoot…

Don’t miss the ombre dress at this elegant brunch wedding (with a waffle cake!)

Alisha and Lucas wanted to get married on Leap Day just five weeks before booking their wedding planners, Cristen & Co.. It was all going to go down at the chic Warehouse XI in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Their closest friends and families flew in from all over to celebrate. Do not miss the waffle cake!

A rainbow of sweet and dreamy pastel wedding dresses

We rounded up a crap-ton of adorably pastel pink dresses a while back and wanted to give some real love to the rest of the rainbow. All pastels are good pastels, amirite? We’ve got dusty blues, sweet seafoams, flowery lavenders, buttery yellows, and delicate floral prints. Embrace your inner ’80s prom queen and rock one of these pastel wedding dresses, won’t you? Poofy sleeves optional.

Beauty & the Beast wedding inspiration

Be our guest at this Beauty and the Beast wedding inspiration

Jess and Hugh have traveled the world as a pair, and have a Beast-sized connection to Disney as they have a company that offers Princess Parties for kids. They use their talents as musicians to bring Disney Princesses to life. So this Beauty and the Beast wedding inspiration was so perfect for them AND perfect since the live action remake it coming out this week.

Be our guest and take a peek… perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before.

We "dyed" when we saw this dip-dyed wedding dress

We “dyed” when we saw this dip-dyed gown at a Minneapolis wedding

Michaela and Brian has a super colorful outdoor wedding in Minneapolis that give us chills. We’re talking a colorful mismatched wedding party, a sweet first look, gorgeous outdoor ceremony space, scenery for days, and dance floor donut inner tube shenanigans. But our favorite part? You already know: it’s the bride’s handmade dip-dyed gown!