Cindy & Sam's geeky bibliophile wedding

We couldn't resist mentioning the book arch in this gorgeous wedding in recent Monday Montage, and now Cindy's giving us the whole bibliography. Folded paper and piles of books abound from aisle decor to bouquets, and from a custom cardbox to their signature arch — but you're also going to love all the subtle nods to geekery. Book-lovers, get our your library cards and check out all the love!


Liz & Elly's queer trans lesbian secular church wedding

These two initially didn't know they were planning their wedding on Transgender Day of Remembrance, but they ended up embracing the overlap with a moment of silence and a hymn in honor of the day. They also stuck to their guns when they decided to keep this celebration very small. But there was one member of the wedding party who had to be there: their dog!