Lane & Jason's folk village cultures collide wedding

This couple blends Indian cuisine, fairies, bellydancers, Rajasthani and Tunisian dancers, fire-spinning and yes, Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" on accordion, into a medley of colors and flavors too awesome to be kept indoors. They had to carve a place in Wisconsin's Driftless Region to hold all of this inspiration.


Gus & Joey's super budget vegan queer love-fest wedding

With a budget the size of one month's rent, this thrifty couple capitalized on the talents of friends and family to create an intimate and musical wedding with vegan flair. Their outdoor ceremony may have been rained out, but the indoor alternative amplified the music and they preferred it in the end. Crisis averted.


Angel & Dave's old-school glamour, "Dangelous" backyard wedding

Instead of choosing a theme, Angel & Dave just went with what they wanted. It resulted in a red, black and silver themed outdoor wedding in Angel's grandparents' backyard. The funniest part was when their son Trent interrupted the ceremony by making laser noises with a big stick and said, "Don't worry mommy, I busted all the ghosts." Adorable!