Personalize your wine box with homemade touches

A wine box at wedding ceremonies often holds letters the couple wrote to each other, a bottle of wine, and two glasses, meant to be opened on a special anniversary. We love this idea, but there's no reason you can't shake up what goes inside. Kara and Gary had a created a wine box with their own spin: more letters, homemade mead, skeleton keys, and gifts!


Karly & Steve's artsy and crafty upcycled wedding

A certain superstorm may have wreaked havoc in the days before this wedding, but they pulled it all together somehow with the help of friends (and a new "BYOC: Bring Your Own Cupcakes" clause!). We're really thankful they did, because we did not want to miss the amazing Wai-Ching dress, gorgeously-coiffed dreads, adorable family sand ceremony, and all of the DIY projects. Oh, let's not forget the Harry Potter-inspired saxophonist/magician and impromptu break dancing on the dance floor.


Ashley & Eric's Wedding in a Bar

What's a kick-ass way to arrive for your wedding at a bar? In a bitchin' party bus! This pair's rainbow of attendants (rockin' a rainbow of socks, btw) had to dash between a parade and a police presence to take photos at the park before heading to the bar for a funny little ceremony and deep dish pizza. Check out their alternative guest books, ticketed seating arrangements, and one flower girl's adorable pout.


Kara & Gary's fantasy fairy tale heavy metal wedding

Some girls dream of their fairy tale wedding and some girls take that pretty literally, as is the case with this bride's fantasy fairy tale-themed wedding. Elf ears, Shrek costumes, fabulous hoods and capes, and a sign pointing to all your favorite fantasy haunts. And you'll never guess why the groom spent so much time under the bride's dress during the garter toss.


Stephanie & Matthew's music wine burgers and love wedding

Take tons of music, a musical seating chart, favorite band centerpieces, an amazing wine bar, and an awesome cake decorated with the family in their pajamas and you've got this blended family wedding. There's also a really touching memorial to the bride's mother who died on 9/11 — totally tear-worthy.