Marta & Dan's antique country western wedding

Growing up in auctions, flea markets, and antique-dealing fathers definitely left it's mark on these repurposing and recycling kids. Like they say, "old trumps new every time!" So an old-fashioned, rural retro wedding was totally in order. Just watch out for the awesome unity ceremony… it's a little dangerous, but definitely exciting.


Sarah & Davy's love in the key of honky-tonk wedding

When the groom is a professional honkey-tonker, and you live near an amazing little dive called Max's Place, it makes all the sense in the world to celebrate that honkey-tonk lifestyle with a cowboy and music-themed bash. The kick-ass outfits on the bands (yep, all of them) alone are worth a look.


Lindsey & Mike's all things Texas cowboy wedding

Everything is bigger there, so why not have bigger fun in Texas? A mechanical bull and the antics that accompany it fit the bill perfectly. A camera-mugging daughter and some first-time cowboy two-steppers round out this rainy, Texas-sized wedding.