Booking a block of rooms: 5 helpful tips from the hotel front desk

There can be so. many. things to worry about when planning and executing a wedding/commitment ceremony. If yours happens to include setting up a block of rooms at a hotel, then I have some tips for you! I work at the front desk of a big hotel in a major city, and have seen a lot of frantic brides come blazing through our doors. Here are some of my TOP TIPS for making your important day run just a little smoother.


What do guests really care about?

"I'm curious to know what the most memorable parts of a wedding are to guests? What have they been in your own personal experiences?"

Obviously every guest's notice-worthy things will be different, but I'll speak for myself based on two things: my opinions as a wedding guest, and my opinions as a wedding blogger….


Location-specific welcome bag inspiration

Although this post is going to be pretty location specific, (I'm looking at you Pennsylvania and Michigan!) I figured that OBT member AndreaJ's welcome/OOT bags could be a wealth of inspiration for putting together your own location specific welcome bags. Check 'em out…