Sunny & G's international mountain wedding weekend

From self-catering the event to a little social anxiety to some rain before the ceremony, this wedding could have gone awry. But this pair ended up with a super positive, love-affirming, and GORGEOUS mountain-y wedding. Even the ceremony ended up unintentionally extra awesome by becoming a wedding in the round! Don't forget to find the MINGLO photo, too!


Lindsay & Ashraf's multi-lingual vegan-friendly atheist wedding

A city hall ceremony started this pair off in matrimony, and then it was topped off by a three-day weekend of barbecues, brunches, and of course, a big ol' multi-lingual party! Just wait until you see their M.C. Escher-inspired invitation, Wall-E cake toppers, and fruit centerpieces. But the best part is their funniest moments, which involve an overly enthusiastic ring dad and a translated baby. WHAT.


Jamie & Jon's three-day summer camp wedding

Let's reminisce about being a kid with this summer camp wedding complete with crayons, popcorn favors, a "Hershey's Kiss girl" instead of a flower girl, a camp out with a fire juggler, and an AMAZING pink ruffled corset gown (you may remember from here). Plus, get a load of the adorable matchy-match father and son kilts! My heart… I swoon! All that plus the sweetest groom-gets-teary first look ever.


Andrea & Matthew's simple lakeside wedding weekend

This week we're letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! Today's couple wanted a fun weekend of roller skating, kayaking, and of course, a wedding by the shore. You'll definitely want to see whose legs had potential to freak everyone out, and who did an epic 60-person high-fiving spree.


Sariah & Josh's rainbow glow stick island wedding

How often does a real rainbow show up at your rainbow-themed wedding? That alone is a must-see. But there's also a nom-worthy breakfast-for-dinner buffet, tons of glow sticks, and loads of cute wedding party photos to keep you looking. (Take a peek at the slideshow for TONS of funny photos!) And you'll never guess what kind of unexpected wedding crasher made his way to the ceremony!