The big list of wedding planning apps Part II: RSVP and wedding website apps (updated for 2020!)

We've been talking about the latest wedding planning apps that are taking over for a big planning binder. In part one, we talked specifically about inspiration and collaboration tools. This time around, we'll be hitting the big players in RSVP and wedding website apps that make dispersing information and collecting RSVPs much easier. Blanket warning: watch out for gendered language and more "traditional" options than we're used to around these parts.


9 wedding website tips to inform, reassure, and give guests warm fuzzies

You've snagged your wedding website name, maybe a fun theme, and now you've got to fill it with information. Guests can end up relying pretty heavily on your wedding website, especially if you're having a destination wedding, multi-day wedding, or have some cultural traditions that may be new to some guests. Let's get the most bang out of your buck by including the information your guests will need. Here are our favorite wedding website tips for offbeat weddings.


How we're talking to religious guests unsure if they want to attend our lesbian wedding

Now, you and I both know that it's the same as any other wedding (or as different as every other wedding, as the case may be). But within our community, it's kind of a rare thing. I mean, this will be MY first two-bride wedding! We have specific people who have issues with our relationship for religious reasons and I wanted to offer a non-confrontational way to talk about that subject and maybe squeeze out a few "yeses" from those who are on the fence.


5 things Miss Manners hates that I LOVE

I requested the Miss Manners wedding book (published in 2010 — a mere four years ago) this week from my local library. The dilemma of how to address invitations when many of our friends and relations are cohabitating without being married was confusing me, and I figured Miss Manners would have something to say on the topic. She does, of course. She also has thoughts on everything else to do with weddings. I disagree VEHEMENTLY with some of her opinions…


6 tips for an extra-useful wedding website

I love seeing a wedding website URL in a save-the-date envelope. "Head to this website for our whole story." YES: I want to see photos, I want to see cute anecdotes, I want to see if you're planning any cultural traditions that I can read up on, and maybe I even want to RSVP there. Some guests may not get into them (and we have suggestions for that!), but a lot of the time, your wedding website is your key to telling all there is to know about your wedding. Not everyone chooses to have a wedsite, but since many offbeat weddings are themed, costumed, outdoors, interfaith, or just plain need a little 'splainin', a wedding website is often your key to making sure you give everyone a heads up. Here are six tips for giving your wedsite some extra zing.