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Muppets, dinosaurs, roller skates: Make your own wedding planning rules with Rebel Belle Weddings

I’m a HUGE fan of Los Angeles-based wedding planner Laura Guerrie. Laura is more than a sponsor, she’s part of the Offbeat Bride family. Ariel turned to Laura to answer the “do you need a wedding planner” question, and she and I have not only worked together, but we also party together. Speaking of parties, why don’t we revel in some of the OUTSTANDING offbeat weddings she’s helped orchestrated — Star Wars cakes, Muppets, dinosaurs, and generous offbeat discounts await…

Rebecca & Andrew’s kid-friendly country farm museum wedding

A country oasis in Rhode Island is where the bride spent many summers and now it’s where she married her man. Kids ran free, farm animals entertained, and a burlesque entertainer named Miss Cherry Delight sang for all. Grab a spiked frozen lemonade and read on.

What exactly DOES a wedding planner do?

Do you also not really know what EXACTLY a wedding planner does? Well, Ang is here to enlighten us all.

How to deal with a crappy venue-mandated coordinator

“I understand that there is the option of not using a venue who has a required coordinator. I also understand that there are many wonderful venues who have amazing coordinators in their employ. This is not aimed at them — may they live long in the company of baby bunnies. This is advice to people who are locked in with a venue-mandated coordinator, are noticing red flags, and are past the point of no return.”

Chrissy & Danny’s double wedding (part two): victorian, british countryside, high-tea wedding

We showed you the first part of Chrissy & Danny’s mind-blowingly gorgeous double wedding in Thailand. Now here is the scoop on their second wedding at a hotel in London. In typical London fashion it was filled with high-tea and croquet.

Do you need a wedding planner or day of coordinator?

Do you need a “day of” coordinator for your wedding, or can your mother-in-law’s friend take care of it for you?