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5 butt-saving reasons I need my wedding planner

Turns out wedding planners just have all this outside-of-the-box knowledge that EVEN WORKING ON A WEDDING BLOG doesn’t give you.

Fortunately I’m not in Full Panic Mode, because I did the number one thing I advise everyone to do: I got myself a wedding planner, and it’s the best best best thing I did. Here’s why…

Why you need this New York wedding planner (aka “kick-ass logistical goddess”)

New Yorkers, and New York-adjacent-ers, here’s why you need this New York wedding planner even if you have a venue coordinator already, if you’re on the fence about getting one, or looking for a wedding planner who loves offbeat couples so much that she’s offering you a discount…

Meet New York’s full-service, COMPLETELY FREE party planners

The Party People, is a party-planning Offbeat Bride sponsor, much like any other. Except for one CRUCIAL difference: they are 100% FREE! Here’s how that’s possible…

What is a "wedding day manager" and why do I need one? As seen on @offbeatbride

“Downloading your wedding brain”: what is wedding day management and why do you need it?

We’ve already waxed poetic about how event planners can save you money, save your ass, and be your wedding savoir, right? But maybe you’re still thinking it’s just too expensive or you have someone on your guest list who can wing it. To play devil’s advocate, we talked to one of our own Offbeat Brides and beloved vendors, LA-based Jessica Carrillo of Art & Soul Events, to see why hiring a wedding planner (or in this case, a “wedding day manager!”) may be the decision you’ll totally be happy you made. Let’s talk about what the heck wedding day management even is and why you might totally need it.

Elopement giveaway as seen on @offbeatbride

Eloping in LA? It could be free with a dream team of vendors: Enter to win a free elopement package

Are you dreaming and scheming an intimate wedding on a cliff overlooking the ocean, a roof-top with view, a beautiful canyon on the beach, or perhaps at an iconic city hall? Some of our favorite vendors are teaming up to find a bold couple with a sense of adventure to win an elopement package with an all-star vendor team. This dream team is offering a free elopement package including event planning, photography, hair, makeup, and flowers for one lucky couple.

Venue coordinator vs. a day-of coordinator: What’s the dif!?

I began to explain the difference between using a venue’s “inclusive” coordinator versus a day-of coordinator (or DOC, for short) that you bring in yourself. It’s a conversation I’ve had with several couples, usually at the beginning of wedding planning, so they can hopefully avoid this type of situation. I thought I’d also share this knowledge with everyone, because I think it’s important to understand the difference…