Connect to Your Badass: the many ways this photographer connects you to your inner best self

If you've been a reader, well EVER, since 2008 or so, you've probably seen the work of our partner in memory-making, Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. We've featured his skillful and artistic wedding work, of course, but also his insight into photography methods and how to make the most of your wedding photography. He's an institution around here and we'd trust any wedding in his capable hands.

Our Seattle wedding photography bestie Jenny GG is at the top of her game (and has a discount for you!)

In an industry where you never know what you're going to get, choosing a wedding vendor can be downright scary. But when your chosen Seattle wedding photographer has been Offbeat Bride endorsed since the dawn of its existence, so oozing in talent and amazing personality, and a firebrand for inclusivity and positivity? THAT'S when you'll feel downright thrilled with your vendor choice. Who is this photographer of whom I speak? Why it's none other than our dear friend, Jenny GG!

This talented Philly photographer will be your offbeat wedding cheerleader (for the wedding AND for boudoir!)

When we met Serena and started to scope out her website, my favorite page was her About page. The moment I started scrolling, I could totally see what an adorable, SCA-nerd, Alice in Wonderland wedding-having, super hard working photographer she is. And when it comes to an offbeat wedding, it PAYS to have a photographer who absolutely gets you. Philadelphia-based wedding and boudoir photographer Serena Star is totally that…

Want to swoon over your wedding photos? This Seattle-based wedding photographer is your match (especially for small weddings!)

Seattle-area couples: we have met your wedding photographer match. As soon as we connected with Seattle-based wedding photographer Krista Welch, we were totally drawn in to her super friendly demeanor, infectious charm, and of course, her STELLAR portfolio. She's got chops, y'all.

Let's meet Krista, see what she's all about, and why she'll deliver guh-mazing photos of your wedding day…