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Hangover kit welcome bag as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #welcomebag #hangoverkit

This “hangover kit” is the perfect mini welcome bag

When partying hard with your guests, someone is bound to be headed for hangover central post-party. That’s where this hangover kit comes in super handy. With a LOL-worthy “in sickness & in health” line, it totally ties in wedding chic with Pepto realness.

Build a relief station for sunblock, bug protection, and more

Weddings are all fun and games — until someone gets sunburned or bitten by a rogue batch of mosquitoes. Then they’re not so fun. Guests might not be always be prepared for such situations, but since you’re probably the most familiar with your wedding venue and all the potential hazards that come with, you can be!

The mother of all “Oh-Shit!” Kits, featuring the Decormergency Kit

I took my years in the theatre, a stint in event-planning, and the combined ingenuity of Megan and (seemingly the entire) Offbeat Bride community on this post, and I compiled the Mother of All “Oh Shit!” Kits stock lists. Here it is — all in one place, for your handily-wedding bliss…

Make this Fallout-themed wedding day survival kit for your gamer geek partner

I finished my gift for my groom. We’re both gamers, and love the video game Fallout. So I took the idea of a “day-of survival kit” and made it Fallout-themed!

Use a diaper bag as your wedding catch-all bag

With a couple weeks left until the wedding, I headed out to a thrift store because I needed a bag. Not just any bag but something I could fit all my penis-paraphernalia for the bachelorette party, my emergency crafting supplies on the setup day, and also my make-up and wedding day survival kit. I walked by the baby aisle, and there it was — the DIY wedding must-have — a DIAPER BAG!

OH SHIT KIT: The wedding day items that could save your ass

Shooting weddings has taught me a lot about common mishaps and mistakes that are prevalent and almost communal in the fact that they’ve happened in almost EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. One of the last weddings I shot, the bride had craftily brought her own “Oh Shit” Kit. That’s when the proverbial lightbulb went *ding* in my head, and I thought — like every Californian needs an Earthquake Preparedness Kit, every bride should have an “Oh Shit” Kit.

Here are the things to include in your bridal “Oh Shit” Kit…