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Unique wedding hashtag ideas NOT about last names

Look, some of us just don’t want wedding hashtag ideas based on last names. Maybe your surnames are too complicated, or maybe you just want to do something more unique and a little different. Either way, there are tons of options to consider when brainstorming your wedding hashtag. To spark some inspiration, we’ve collected ideas to help you create that one-of-a-kind unique wedding hashtag.

The weirdly entertaining history behind wedding hashtags (and why I want one!)

The weirdly entertaining history behind wedding hashtags

I really, truly love puns to the bottom of my being. They’re one of my favorite things. Because of this, I love the heck out of wedding hashtags and would love to have one for my wedding. But… my partner John? Not so much. So. There you go. I suppose we’re not having a wedding hashtag. But as a classic overthinker, I wanted to learn everything about them anyway. Here’s the entertaining and brief history of the wedding hashtag…

Hashtags & grumpy old men photographers: 9 ways modern wedding photography has completely changed

Weddings have changed a lot in the past decade. Gone are the mandatory white dresses, stuffy venues, cookie-cutter details, and cheesy photos. Let’s talk about all the ways things have changed, including why there are so many grumpy old man wedding photographers…

Free wedding hashtag sign printable from @offbeatbride

Super cute editable & printable wedding hashtag sign

After you’ve played around with your names, your themes, and your favorite words because you’ve decide to come up with your most perfectly crafted #weddinghashtag, you’ll need to let all your guests know to USE IT! We’ve created a little wedding hashtag sign printable that you can download, edit, and display.

Let’s talk about free wedding hashtag generators… #Go!

Wedding hashtags: they’re not just for hipsters. Having your own hashtag is one of the easiest ways to not only collect extra photos from your guests, but also to share your event with people who have to be MIA on your wedding day. So, guys, what awesome wedding hashtags did you think up?

Put your wedding’s hashtag on the back of your place cards

You know what’s awesome? Your friends taking awesome photos of your wedding, and sharing their fun moments online, where you can see ’em. You know what’s not awesome? Missing those photos and tweets because you were distracted in the days surrounding your event.