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Danielle & Tony’s sharks and dragons aquarium wedding

We love us some dragons… and sharks… and aquariums… and amazing purple and blue gowns — this wedding is killing it with style! Don’t miss the sketch comedian officiants, the gorgeous venue, and the self-portrait guest book. And you’ll definitely want to hear about the real origins of weddings starring none other than “Weddings Bartholemew!”

Stop EVERYTHING and look at this amazing black wedding gown

Guys, guys, guys. Stop EVERYTHING and look at this amazing black wedding gown from our sponsor Wedding Dress Fantasy. That lovely lady is Brittany, and that amazing dress was custom made for her. Oh, but wait until you see the full gown, totally unfurled, when Brittany stands up…

This knockout red dress fulfills all our Valentine’s Day wedding desires

Last Valentine’s Day, we showed off a frothy pink confection of a dress from [vendor-heart link=""]Wedding Dress Fantasy[/vendor-heart], but this year, we’re giving our hearts to this rich, deep red gown made of taffeta, layers of black and red organza and lace applique.

Nicole & Kyle’s punk rock and skulls wedding

These two heard a lot of ideas about what people thought their punk-themed wedding would be like… but they were all wrong. This shindig had all the awesome trappings of a punk-loving party: awesome bands (including one who shifted into an ’80s hair band!), The Misfits playing during the ceremony, and colorful skulls everywhere. But with a gorgeous and floofy pink gown and a classy venue, this was a total traditional-meets-punk mashup.

Rachael & Chris’ whimsical tea party wedding

Get your tea cups out, folks, we have an Alice theme going on! A fluffy blue dress, mix-your-own Italian soda bar, lawn games (with croquet, natch!), a goooorgeous garden, and a big ol’ top hat brings it all together. Oh, and there’s some keen advice on leaving your guests to their own devices when mixing up drinks. It can go awry.

A painting-worthy two-tone wedding gown from Wedding Dress Fantasy

When Tova, the designer behind [vendor-heart link=""]Wedding Dress Fantasy[/vendor-heart], uploaded this photo to her Real Brides album on Facebook, she commented that this photo was “soooo romantic, it almost looks like a painting.” And I have to agree. This photo is the perfect compliment to the that picture perfect two-tone wedding dress in gold and green.