Trade day of coordination duties with other engaged friends

"We knew we wanted/needed a day-of coordinator, but it also wasn't in our budget. We wanted someone objective who would help execute our plan, and we wanted our families to have a great time and not to have to worry about anything. We ended up doing a trade with our friends, who were getting married a month after us. They coordinated our wedding day, and we coordinated theirs. It worked incredibly well. "


How to make a "less worry/more party" wedding day timeline

Creating a wedding day timeline is a great way to make sure your event runs smoothly. Sometimes, however, weddings have a mind of their own and don’t particularly enjoy being held to a precise schedule. Here are a few tips and tricks to help create a realistic timeline that leads to less worry and more party.


Plan your pre-sunset toasts with the Golden Hour Calculator

When I was planning my wedding day schedule, I knew one thing: I wanted toasts to be happening on the front lawn of the B&B during the "Golden Hour," that brief window of time before sunset when everything is glazed in that rich, warm, yellow light.

I spent a bunch of time online, looking at sunset times, trying to figure out how to schedule the transition from dinner to toasts so that I could nail the timing just right… if only the Golden Hour Calculator had existed then!