YOU WEREN'T INVITED: Funny elopement announcements [Updated for 2021!]

Ok, so you did it: you knew there might be blowback or hurt feelings, but you decided to elope anyway because, well, elopements are awesome. Now you're married, and you're looking for elopement announcement ideas. That's cool! If you're looking for elopement wording, cute elopement cards, and funny elopement announcements, we're here for you.


What to do with all those wedding cards?

It's been a couple months since my wedding now and I am ALMOST done with Thank You cards and cleaning up. One thing that came up as I was organizing and getting life back to normal was what to do with the mass amount of beautiful and thoughtful cards we received. It seemed a shame to just throw them away or put them in a box which I would probably never look in again. So, I had and then implemented two ideas that I think turned out rather well…