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Awesome flush mount wedding albums for awesome couples (and a sweet time-sensitive discount!)

Albums Remembered wanted to offer something that the industry was lacking, something that you’re probably looking for… a beautiful, true flush mount wedding album that you can afford.

And if you act fast, you can even get a SWEET discount on one!

4 awesome things you should know about Mixbook (they’re more than kick-ass wedding albums!)

We already know that you guys love our sponsor Mixbooks. Hell, some of you have VOLUNTARILY written posts singing their praises, so that other Offbeat Bride readers can learn the joy of Mixbook wedding albums. But did you know that Mixbook is more than just easy-to-make, kick-ass wedding albums?

Why Mixbook wedding albums are the bomb-diggity

I know that these were featured on Offbeat Bride some time ago, but honestly when bogged down in the trenches of wedding planning, thinking about what to do with photos after you get them is light years away from the thought process. It was for me anyway.

3 ways you can use Blurb books to rock the worlds of your wedding guests

I’ve waxed poetic about how wondrously easy it is to make wedding books with Blurb before. Since you guys already know all about THAT, I want to talk about another amazing potential use for the software: gifting small books to your wedding party, close friends, and family. Everyone can have a memento that will last forever!

Offbeat Brides make their own customized Mixbooks and LOVE IT

Every once in awhile I find myself at a party and someone whips out a scrapbook that they’ve spent hours and hours making, and I’m always taken aback by how awesome it looks… and how I really don’t want to do that much work. You don’t have to be a scrapbooking junkie to get a customized album for your wedding photos. We teamed up with our sponsor Mixbook to give some of our featured couples (like Trisha and Matthew above!) the opportunity to take their photos and make an album online.

Here are four ways that A La Carte Albums will rock your wedding album needs

If you recall, A La Carte Albums‘ approach is kind of like album couture — they start with a (free no-obligation) chat about what you want from your wedding album, and then the owner Jane comes up with a number of different options to fit your vision, instead of fitting it into template A or template B. (That’s the “à la carte” part of A La Carte!)

Keep reading to see the four ways A La Carte Albums will help you will make the daunting task of creating wedding albums a cinch. (Spoiler alert: one of them their special discount for Offbeat Brides.)