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Ashley & Alexander’s fun and games geeksplosion wedding

Video games, gaming conventions, board games… you get the idea. These people like to game! Their Skyped-in bridesmaid, hand-screen printed ties, and Skittles toast were the icing on this geektastic cake. Plus, the bride shares some sage advice for those who choose to sew their own wedding gowns.

Love at high altitude: a ski wedding near Mount Rainier

These two are outdoorsy folks and decided that a ski resort was the place they wanted to make their union official at 6,872 feet. What they ended up with was an unbelievably blue sky, crisp mountain air, and amazing photos, all before the resort even opened!

Susanne & Scott’s elegant rock ‘n’ roll taco truck wedding

This week we’re celebrating our awesome Offbeat Lite couples. Today we’ve got vintage industrial flair, major elegance, and paella for 200.

A Skyped elopement in Austin, Texas

Amanda and Jason met on an online dating service, so since they had technology to thank for their meeting, it’s not surprising that it became a HUGE part of their elopement. For their wedding their guests turned of their phones and turned on their cameras for a Skyped elopement!

How to elope AND share the wedding with your family at the same time

What happens when you decide to elope and then, at the last minute, you want desperately to also share that experience with your families? Thanks to technology you can do what Andy and Cassie did…

How to broadcast your wedding live on the web: the materials

Back in March, one of my fabulous internet groups had several members who attended an expo in Chicago. ALL the members of the site had helped to fund raise, and everyone was excited about it. I decided try and stream it live, so all our online friends who couldn’t be there could be participants. It was a resounding success, and everyone loved it. Why couldn’t I use this same technology for my wedding?