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Caroline & Aimee’s three-day lesbian movie theatre wedding

Their first date was at a theatre and their wedding was held in that same place. D’aww! These two ladies are social butterflies since they had their son, and the sheer amount of people wanting to show their love meant they had to plan for it — in the form of a three-day celebration!

Kacey & EZ’s offbeat lite, devil-ridden detail wedding

Y’all got to hear about how Kacey’s wedding was rescued from an ice storm, but now you got to see how the wedding-photos-that-almost-weren’t came out! Not to mention, a beautiful explanation of how planning a wedding is a lot like being in the military.

Victoria & Jacqueline’s tiny thrifty dressy wedding celebration

Top five reasons to read this post: 1) TWO beautiful Goodwill dresses! 2) Red wedding boots! 3) Long black satin gloves! 4) Marilyn Monroe moment! 5) All you need is love.

How Offbeat Bride rescued my wedding from an ice storm

Remember when Kacey wrote about having no real reason to freak out before her wedding? Yeah, she was wrong. Something went wrong and then oh, so completely right…

Alissa & Amanda’s “Love Bus” wedding adventure

Amanda & Alissa couldn’t get married in their hometown of Washington D.C. So they loaded up two buses and brought all their friends and family to Connecticut to celebrate their union.