Real brides give us the low-down on getting their dream Wai-Ching wedding dress

Wai-Ching dresses are so dreamy that I sometimes forget they're FOR REAL, so I was all a-flutter when I saw them in real life, all lined up, in the prettiest raw silk rainbow I've ever seen. These dresses may look like fantasies, but I assure you they're real, they're just as gorgeous in real life, and you can totally hook yourself up with one for your wedding. Let's get a Wai-Ching reality check with real brides, real experiences, and really awesome dresses…


Cristina & Tom's pop-up roving urban wedding

A Wai-Ching masterpiece, a dapper groom, a majestic arch in New York City, and two ceremonies — this urban wedding in Brooklyn takes our breath away. Add in the handmade paper flower bouquet and the sweet doggie references, and you'll be falling in love, too.


Rhiannon & Alex's communal home-brew camp wedding

Nothing says a challenge like combining two families into a mega-project-management wedding! But this wedding in the middle of a combined family Thanksgiving is nothing if not a great example of loving collaboration. Add in the mossy forest-inspired decor, the Wai-Ching dress, and the HUGE origami crane "arch," and you'll be a convert into the communal wedding planning way of life.


Cassandra & Dylan's sweet and thrifty garden wedding

These two couldn't avoid the tall jokes at the ceremony, but they definitely took their wedding planning seriously. With a strict budget and an even more strict guest list limit, they battled the inevitable hurdles that come along with them. But fear not, the result was a sunny, lovely, and on-budget backyard wedding with an awesome open mic!