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writing vows

This is our archive of posts about how to write your vows. If you’re looking for real examples of wedding vows that other Offbeat Bride readers have used, check our vow examples archive, or our ceremony scripts!

How do you have a wedding ceremony without a Bible?

We’re ALL for Christian couples having religious ceremonies, but find it disrespectful for non-Christians to smile and nod through a religious service they don’t actually believe in. So, how do you craft a secular ceremony?

Introvert wedding advice & weddings for shy people

“My fiance and I are both are very anxious about being the center of attention. Besides cutting down the guest list, do you have any brilliant ideas for how we can pull this off without getting ulcers from stage fright?”

Wedding vow examples: funny non traditional wedding vows

I just finished the Offbeat Bride book and adored it! Now, do you have any ideas for vows?!

Mad libs wedding vows

ManicBride has a great idea: Let your guests write your vows with wedding vow madlibs!