How to make your own Mad Libs wedding vows

Are you guys writing your own vows? Does one partner kick ass at putting your love into words, while the other partner is twisting in the wind? You can go the route of Anne (of wedding unicorn fame) who set up Mad Libs vows and used them in a couple genius ways. So why don't you VERB this NOUN post ASAP.


Feed your inner nerd by reading vows from your smart phone

If you're anything like me, you're using your smart phone to keep track of your calendar and all your notes and reminders. What better way for nerds like us to read vows than by putting them on the phone and whipping it out during the ceremony?


Wedding vows that include ice cream, sweet promises and… beating people up

Amanda recently shared with us her husband's incredible vows. They each wrote their own vows, and kept them secret from each other until they read them aloud at the ceremony. Pete had started writing his a couple of weeks before the wedding, but, according to Amanda, "he scrapped his first attempts and wrote something from scratch the day before the wedding. What he said ended up being so perfect and beautiful that I have to share it." And share it we shall!