Trending topic: #vows

Every once in while, we notice a particular topic that has a crazy spike — it's the phrase that most brides are searching for. Or it's the topic that's suddenly pinned everywhere. It's the topic that basically dominates are most-read posts for the month. This month? That trending topic is VOWS.


30 geek movie love quotes

Slogging through traditional love quotes can be taxing, especially when you just want something that tingles that geek-loving robot heart of yours. We root for the geeky underdog to get the girl and hope the battle over evil ends in a big snog. And we need something relatable for our ceremony readings, invitation wording, and pop culture-filled vows, right? You demand nerdy romance, funny vow ideas, and swashbuckling toast fodder from movies, TV, and a few books? As you wish…


How to write heartfelt, sniffle-worthy wedding vows

There is so much information about writing your own vows for your wedding that it can be a little daunting. You can read about it online, in books, people will offer you advice and give you tons of rules, outlines, and other information about putting your vows together. But here's a secret: you can do whatever you want. Here are my top five hints and tricks for writing your own vows.


How to make your own Mad Libs wedding vows

Are you guys writing your own vows? Does one partner kick ass at putting your love into words, while the other partner is twisting in the wind? You can go the route of Anne (of wedding unicorn fame) who set up Mad Libs vows and used them in a couple genius ways. So why don't you VERB this NOUN post ASAP.