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Looking for a little historical Scandinavian flair? Who knew Viking weddings were a thing — oh, but they totally are.

10 epic ideas for your Viking wedding

Your journey for Viking wedding inspiration ends here! From Viking wedding wardrobe to Viking ceremony ideas, we’ve put together an epic line-up you’ll want to raise an axe to!

A Viking Halloween wedding ceremony script with a weapons exchange

This Viking Halloween wedding ceremony script has it all: a medieval weapons exchange, Dungeons and Dragons, and a whole lot of love. Whether you’re having a spooky-themed wedding or a Viking wedding, this Halloween wedding ceremony script will cover all your bases.

A Viking ceremony script for the ages

This couple did the research to make sure the language was true to the Viking era! Their ceremony script is just as immersive and fun as their actual Viking wedding, and set the tone for an epic evening of medieval celebrations.

Geek out over this nerdy fandom wedding

How many fandoms can you count in this nerdy wedding theme? From Doctor Who to Star Trek, this couple knows how to get their nerd on (spoiler: barrels of homemade mead are involved).

This rainy DIY viking wedding was an epic success

Emily and Travis had an epic DIY Viking wedding for the ages, all in their backyard. Wait till you see their medieval decor and their guests in costume!

Must-haves for your medieval fantasy wedding

From medieval fantasy outfits to viking accessories to pure period pieces, we’ve put together a few must-have looks for your medieval wedding wardrobe.