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Dreaming of your own Scorsese? You’ll want this list of what to ask a wedding videographer

If you’re looking for a professional videographer to capture your LIVE ACTION wedding moments, we feel you. It’s one thing we’ve heard is so worth it if you can afford it. Our Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide has good options, but what do you ask them once you’ve narrowed down your choices? Here’s a list that you’ll want to bring with you to meet with your filmmaking wunderkinds.

How to have fun and easily DIY your free wedding video with WeddingMix

If you don’t want to go the traditional videographer route — bright lights with a stranger attached to a big ol’ camera in your face — our longtime sponsor WeddingMix is a great option for you DIY types. WeddingMix is all about having your friends and family document the day, then hooking you up with an ultra-unique, affordable wedding video.

Seattle’s Unified Cinematic captures a “spectacle of amazement” at Shana & Rodney’s wedding

Every once in a while one of our sponsors contacts us about a super-special wedding they’re working on. Seattle-based Unified Cinematic Wedding Videography did exactly that with The Wedding Spectacular of Shana and Rodney. Some weddings just beg to be captured in motion picture. Check this out…

Here’s how to get a super personal wedding video with help from Wedit

Want to capture all your cheesy, romantic, tearful first look, Time Warp-dancing, TARDIS cake-cutting, wild hora dancing, groomsman fainting (jk) moments at the wedding? Do you have the sads because you can’t afford a professional videographer? Our sponsor, Wedit, has a solution that can make your wedding video moments happen affordably and easily…

You can SO afford videography with WeddingMix (and a choose-your-own-adventure giveaway!)

Take a guess at one of the most common regrets we hear about from couples. If you guessed not getting any video footage, you’d be correct. And we also know that videography can be expensive. In comes photo and video sourcing app wunderkind, WeddingMix. We’re going to talk about what they can bring to your wedding media AND a pretty spectacular giveaway that you and your crew will want to get in on.

Wedding video real talk: Professional versus home movies

As we walked down the aisle, I had a moment of panic when I noticed multiple cameras on us — not only were our husband-and-wife photographer team standing at the end of the aisle waiting for us, there were two people with video cameras up there, too! Thoughts of wedding crashers who got in under the guise of being the hired videographer crossed my mind… but it turned out that both my wife’s dad and my mom had decided to surprise us with a videographer. Here’s what I learned from this unique experience of having the home video-style photography AND the professional videography…