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Target Women: Jewelry!

This isn’t about weddings, but it totally relates — you’ll see. And then you will laugh and laugh.

Abigail & Michael’s DIY Self-Catered Photobooth Perfection Wedding

The offbeat bride: Abigail Lalonde, Dogwalker Her offbeat partner: Michael Lalonde, Software Engineer Location & date of wedding: Mom and Dad’s yard in Coatesville, PA on September 13th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: I did almost everything on my own with the help of some very special people. I catered a vegetarian feast for […]

How to make photobooth save the date cards

Since the photobooth “save the date” cards I featured a while back were so popular, I figured it was worth sharing this video showing you how to make your own.

Dealing with guest list drama

It’s another episode of Offbeat Bride video advice! Woohoo! Apologies for the delay on this one — this vid is actually a few weeks old (my hair is now six inches shorter), but I was having issues with my camera’s memory card. Bla bla bla, technical difficulties whatever — here we go! Offbeat Bride Advice: […]

Offbeat Advice #3

Offbeat Advice #3 from arielmeadow on Vimeo. I would like to add to my advice in the video: if you work it right, having a mother-in-law who’s an event planner could be a really awesome thing! I’d also like to open it up to my beloved offbeat brides and ask all you: how would you […]

Hilarious video about the “wedding tax” on wedding flowers

This cracked me up — except for the part at the end where the bride growls “I WANT WEDDING FLOWERS.” Fuck that stereotypical shit.