Courtney & Rhys' Alaskan steampunk octopus-spattered beach wedding

Whether you call them octopuses or octopodes, you're gonna love looking for all of them in this steamy beachy wedding. Hint: check out the bride's hairclip, the handmade papier mache, and the seriously breathtaking mountain backdrop, and that's before the fabulous goggles and gadgetry the wedding party and guests are sporting. Gear up…


Anna & Russell's scientific gothic humanist wedding

A rockin' red dress, a stack of chocolatey brownies, and a museum celebrating all things science? Check, check, double check! The Humanist ceremony upstairs in a library full of scientific texts, the reception downstairs among funky science installations, and a giant statue of a favorite scientist for photos ops round out this wedding's fabulous setting. Read on for more… for SCIENCE!


Jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind alternative wedding fashions from KMKDesigns

KMKDesigns is a mother and daughter team from Minnesota who own and operate an alternative clothing and bridal shop. We love having them as a sponsor because, unlike many bridal shops, KMKDesigns specializes in wedding gowns and alternative daily wear inspired by Steampunk, Gothic, Japanese Lolita, and fantasy aesthetics. Y'all, these dresses are out of control. Let's drool over KMKDesigns gowns and talk about how we can get YOU into one of these creations at a special discount…


Fantastical custom wedding gowns straight from a fashion fever dream, by Azrael's Accomplice Designs

Ladies, gird your fashionable loins, because I'm about to introduce you to our sponsor Azrael's Accomplice Designs. Azrael's Accomplice specializes in gothic, steampunk, fantasy, and historical-inspired wedding gowns, skirts, and corsets.

Now let the swoon-age commence with more amazing dress styles, and the secret word that'll get you a special discount!


Helen Isabella & Jonathan's Victorian high tea wedding

There wasn't really a theme, just a major mash-up of what they love: steampunk, Victorian fashion, Alice in Wonderland, and high tea! They also found a venue that allowed them to bring in a jukebox, homemade beer, and a fish and chip cart! And you will go nuts over the bride's custom-made purple gown.