Laura & Jason's tattooed and belly-dancing historical wedding

When the bride and her sister make eight hardcore Victorian-inspired outfits for the wedding, you know this is serious-business history love. Add in the Victorian dancing, regimental band, and amazing belly dance and drum performance, and you've got a recipe for an outstanding wedding celebrating a gorgeous family home and era. Wait until you hear what the bride did with her antique ring!


Emilia & Ryan's Victorian garden party wedding

The historic 1800s house with wrap-around porch, the custom-made Victorian-style dress, the handmade touches… this is a wedding to just sink into like a lavender-scented bath. Tie on your corset and get into the historical vibe with this fabulous Victorian-themed garden party.


Nicoel & Danny's nuptials in the sky

When you only have a tiny ceremony planned, sometimes it's the best opportunity to go BIG with the theme. This gorgeous pair took to the skies for a hot air balloon ride towards marriage! They added in some steampunk fashion details (including a lush blue corseted dress) and champagne brunch, and the day was totally made.


Jessica & Grant's outdoor Victorian winery wedding

This bride's custom-made cobalt blue Victorian dress steals our hearts, and the rustic, forest-y details take the rest. Non-matching bridesmaids in white, a fabulous ceremony gazebo, and so much ambiance. Oh, and wait until you hear the story the groom told in his speech. Let's just say it had something to with self-tanner.


Rosie & Kerry's fantastical fairytale costume wedding

You guys, this wedding has got what you need: handmade Victorian garb, lolita bridesmaid dresses, a magician who performs a Punch and Judy show, and tons of costumes, including one Dobby the house elf! These theatrical folks know how to party, fantastic fairytale-style! Plus, this bride has some sage advice about taking on a lot of DIY projects.


How I made my own green Victorian-inspired wedding dress

The journey of my dress began in a fabric shop where I discovered a luscious, sage green velvet embroidered with leafy vines and flower buds. I left the shop and went home, but couldn't stop thinking about that cloth. The next day I went back to look again and bought 8.5 yards of the fabric, everything the store had on hand. After enlisting the help of my friend, this is how I made my own Victorian-inspired wedding dress!