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Groomsmen fashion inspiration: suspenders & mismatched ties

How to dress your groomsmen so they look dapper and yet also like the individuals they are?

Let me count the ways I love this photo

This shot just showed up in the Offbeat Bride pool, and I just spent 10 minutes studying it like a work of art. Uh, hi. Obsess much? Here’s what caught my eye:

Chantal & Sean’s dark red and black, rock ‘n roll marriage party

We decided to do our own take on tradition. We didn’t want to eliminate traditions all together just because we didn’t believe in them, we wanted to show how we could interpret them in our own unique way.

We were together for ten years already and didn’t want it to be all about us getting married. We wanted it to be more of a celebration of the relationship we already had and are planning on continuing.

Marylyle & Jordan’s Sephardic, Celtic, Balkan bash

The offbeat bride: Marylyle, Librarian (and OBT member) Her offbeat partner: Jordan, Computer Programmer Location & date of wedding: The garden outside UVA Alumni Hall in Charlottesville, VA. — 08/16/2009 What made our wedding offbeat: Jordan is a Sephardic Jew and I am Unitarian. It meant a lot that both of us and our traditions […]

De Anne & Warren’s “The Hitchening: The Party with a Wedding Inside!”

The offbeat bride: De Anne, Artist and Data Analyst (and OBT member “Deanderthal“) Her offbeat partner: Warren, Video Game Tech Support Location & date of wedding: Grandma’s house, Mt. Bonnell, Austin Texas — 9/18/2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We decided that good food, photography and celebrating with our loved ones were more important that […]

Regina & Alyx’s Gamer-Geek Druidic-Style Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Regina, Pre-Press Technician (and OBT member “Parallax“) Her Offbeat Partner: Alyx, Psychology Student Location & date of wedding: Beardslee Castle, Little Falls, NY — October 11, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Once we finally started to plan our wedding, the biggest question we asked ourselves was “What is our wedding about?” […]